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Barcode Brand Consulting a.k.a. BBC is a Bangalore based company servicing brands & guiding them light to equity. Every brand is different thus, we understand, care & cater to each of clients in a strategic fashion. We Build branding solutions on the fly and are very robust in today's day & age. We put our philosophy of 'design first' while creative imperative impressions everywhere.

Our mission is simple, its putting the client first and empathizing on their level. Understanding their business problem. Diving into customer's shoes and wearing different caps. We cater innovation centric solutions not only for the benefit of the brand, but, building customer value in the long run

Our inculcated philosophy is so deep rooted, one might find it aligned to all our products and services. We are value driven organization and we ensure the delivery is upfront and on time, on purpose on your head.

In the present era of modern communication, we take up the social media seriously and our core competence is to leverage brand's overall reputation in the digital field.

Digital experience is in our DNA. We are open for you with all our hearts, to give you the experience, to let you raise the BAR!


We understand and assess the current situation our clients reside, our motto is to deliver them cost effective yet, solution which help them sky-rocket through their present state. There is a quirky statement which states that modern problems require modern solutions. If you think about it, it is largely true.

Rahul Khanna

Director Strategy

Rahul heads Barcode Entertainment and is the core founder
What separates great brands from good brands is a willingness to take risks and push the envelope

Amish Jha

Brand Strategist

Amish forms strategic alliance of Barcode integrating with BBC
Brands never retire, they shoot up instead

Perfect branding solution for
your brand

We like to talk less and do more, we do believe in letting our work speak for itself. Do check out our reviews our clients have some amazing comments about us. Be sure to check back the social media handles of our founders. We welcome your feedback as well.

Tired of running after agencies for your brand marketing ? Or are you tired of investing into advertising and not getting the results out of it? Do not worry. We at Barcode give you the leverage and full transparency though our dashboard portal. Where each clients has a login created to track the status of their project and individually asses the status. This in turn helps us plan the work better and nothing is unorganized and hidden. Talk to us to get your free login today!

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