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Better Real Estate Leads with Marketing Automation

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Better Real Estate Leads with Marketing Automation

Sometimes it feels like all the stars have to align perfectly in order to make a sale, and more often than not, succeeding in the real estate business can be a challenge. First, you’ve got to find people who are in the market for buying a home, then you have to find the perfect home for them at the right price. But even harder still can be getting the listings and the buyers for those listings.

Since traditional advertising isn’t as effective in the real estate industry anymore, how do you get noticed and attract new leads? Being active online is definitely a must in today’s culture, but you may not have time to be constantly connected on social media or dealing with tons of people not ready to buy a home. Thankfully, it’s possible to get all of the advantages and leads from internet marketing tactics without draining all of your time with marketing automation software.

What is Marketing Automation?

In a nutshell, marketing automation consists of software or a process that automatically handles a lot of the day-to-day work of marketing. With marketing automation being one of the newest trends in digital marketing, a lot of people are trying to figure out how to effectively use it.

When working in real estate, your hard work and personality is often what gets you clients. However, it’s important to remember that marketing automation does have a place in the real estate industry since you can use it to help you handle and help potential clients before you even meet them.

Separating Prepared Leads From the Dreamers

Not everyone who is looking at houses is actually ready to buy. Plenty of people are dreamers just looking around, others are those who are keeping an eye on the market for the future and the rest are people who think they are ready but aren’t. In this busy industry, you don’t have time to filter out all of the unprepared leads from the ones who matter. Using marketing automation, you can set up a process to weed them out for you called list segmentation.

The goal with list segmentation is to find out who is actually going to go through with buying a house in the near future so you can connect with them. That means you need to find out important information about leads as they come in like financial, housing and lifestyle. One way to do this is by setting up a survey as a requirement before people contact you or use the survey as an auto-response to a first inquiry. Include items like yearly income, home requirements, and geographic and time specifications. By automating this process, you can prioritize how you personally reach out to each lead and ensure you don’t miss a lead who is ready and eager to buy.

Creating Content That’s Helpful

To help attract new leads and guide unqualified leads, you will need content. Yes, when you email and educate potential future clients, you could include information from other sources, but it is better if it comes from you. That means producing quality content that helps people get closer to fulfilling their homeownership dreams.

Good content is more than just explaining a concept, it’s helping people find the best possible solution for their problems. Not only does that help future clients know what they want, it builds brand loyalty to you as a real estate agent or business. For example, you could explain what a VA loan is or help detail out how to get one. Quality content removes the need for them to search for extra research and answers their questions before they even think up what they need to know next.

Helping Leads Become Ready to Buy

Many people who contact you as a real estate specialist might want to buy a house, but may be unprepared or uneducated of what they need. You may spend hours of your time teaching them and holding their hand until they are finally ready or you could automate the process.

With your leads separated, you can create a series of emails and content designed to help unprepared people get prepared. With the help of automation software, the people reach who out will be automatically added to an email list that provides the content and information they need.

Tracking What Works

As you produce content and start automating specific processes, you will need to track the impact it has on your site and your business.

A good resource for tracking your campaigns in Google Analytics, which will help you see what happens over time and react accordingly.

Utilizing marketing automation can be beneficial in freeing up your time to improve your business in different aspects while still attracting the right leads.

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