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How Marketing Automation Can Enhance Your ‘‘SMarketing’’ Efforts?

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How Marketing Automation Can Enhance Your ‘‘SMarketing’’ Efforts?

SMarketing = Sales + Marketing Alignment

Each time you hear the term ‘Marketing Automation’ you are intrigued, yet apprehensive about people claiming that it is a smart decision to make your business richer. But in your mind, the question on loop is – What is the whole point of marketing automation?

Turn more prospects into paying customers.

Okay…But how?

By automating the tedious and repetitive tasks of marketing and communications, using machine counterparts!

Marketing Automation manages and takes care of pretty much everything, from – Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound marketing, Lead Scoring & nurturing, to ‘Analytics and Reports’. It can power multiple campaigns, identify leads, and influence a buyer’s decision and sales cycle. This makes you run your business the way you have always wanted to.

The global marketing automation software market is anticipated to grow up to a CAGR of 9.26% by 2022. The market has generated a revenue of $3.86 Billion in 2016 and is anticipated to reach up to $7.63 Billion by 2025.

Before summoning the Marketing Automation Tools that work for you, know how it can enhance your business:

The first instinct is to apply marketing automation to everything you do. If you want to harness the best of it, DON’T.

Yes, just don’t -because it is not how it needs to be used, it is not the right strategy.

If you want to harness the best out it – revisit your goals.


It is more than just guiding your customers through the sales funnel for the sake of conversion.

Shift the focus from ‘campaign’ approach to ‘customer-centric’ approach in order to keep up with the ‘smooth and continuous’ customer experience promise. Integrate Inbound marketing strategy (which is all about giving valuable content in sync with customers’ needs and wants) along with marketing automation, so that the context-driven personalised content reaches your prospects.

It helps you make digital conversations, more real, more human-to-human like.

This is where the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Analysis comes in.

AI enabled tools extract most valuable information from your customers, for you to gauge and consider the most actionable insights; it offers amazingly advanced functionalities – targeting customers with timely messages and supporting them through all stages of their customer journey.

Let us assume that a prospect named Basanti visits your website and adds groceries to her shopping cart. She enters her details to check out, but never completes the transaction. Now your automated strategy might look something like this:

An hour later, an automated email is triggered encouraging Basanti to complete her order.

If she is distracted and loses the message, your marketing automation platform in sync with Facebook, retargets Basanti. She sees an ad saying “Basanti, is your kitchen out of groceries?” linked to the cart or a similar landing page with upsells. If in case Basanti hasn’t yet bought groceries after a day or two, a text message is sent asking if there’s anything your support team could answer or help her with. If after a good amount of days, say 6-7 days she has made no purchase, a customised email and Facebook ad campaign is triggered targeting Basanti with groceries relating to her original search criteria.

You can have a stronger impact on your prospects and customers by communicating exactly what they want to know.

When marketing automation integrates with customer data management platforms, you can learn about past purchase actions, social media interactions, search queries, on-site behaviour, and an overall content consumption of your customer. In order to make marketing automation work best for you, tailor your campaigns – have a good supply of relevant content like emails, blogs, marketing collaterals) customised to each of your holistic buyer’s persona. You can keep having customers look at up-to-date information about your offers, without having to task marketing teams with winnowing through massive amounts of data.

45% of online customers tend to buy more from websites offering personalised product recommendations, and 56% of customers are more likely to make a purchase with a personalised online experience.

It enables ‘Easy Data Visualisation’ to arrive at intuitive insights.

You have multiple campaigns running = your automated workflow is complex

When you are dealing with a web of connected automation, a simple, one big frame view of all the workflows that can give you the entire picture of the customer journey, is critical. Intelligent statistical models help analyse and identify your customer’s next move. The insights help you generate your ‘next best actions’. Your marketing team can take real-time decisions based on customers purchase path and infer behavioural patterns and optimize spend.

Gives you the power of testing & optimizing your campaigns continuously

As a marketer, you can quite immediately understand what kind of messages resonate best with your target group, and how/ when to send them to get the desired results. You can experiment with different messages blending in creativity while optimising your content accordingly. Marketing Automation gives that edge where you can be sure that your campaigns are making the required impact on your prospects/ customers. Further, you can intelligently upsell or cross-sell while continuously enhancing the customer experience.

“Marketing automation was traditionally used only by large organisations having enough money to spend on expensive software. Within the last five years, marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM platform, and for good reason. Marketing automation has gone from being a “nice-to-have” tool only available to major corporations a few years ago, to an essential daily tool for any marketer.”


Coming back to SMarketing!

This might sound so relaxing to businesses that try hard to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Managing these two tasks is extremely time consuming. But not anymore. The software displays marketing activity alongside your sales, giving both the team members instant visibility, of what tasks they are up to and where they are trying to strike a balance. It allows them to manage and implement marketing funnels and nurture leads through the sales funnel. If you happen to run an E-commerce website, you can even track all your purchases on the same platform.

All-in-all Marketing Automation helps you work on lines of solutions closest to what a real salesperson with unlimited time and intelligence could do.

Marketing automation is getting smarter and becoming more accessible. It is here to stay and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. So, get automating or risk losing your market share to your competitors!

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