Rising Stars: Scott Wright Looks to Marketing Automation at Informa Engage – Barcode Brand Consulting

Rising Stars: Scott Wright Looks to Marketing Automation at Informa Engage

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Rising Stars: Scott Wright Looks to Marketing Automation at Informa Engage

Scott Wright

Scott Wright’s passion for business started long before he joined Informa nearly two years ago. In fact, at the age of 15, Wright was not just your average teenager—instead, he was heavily involved in business programs and writing his own business plans for fun, a memory he fondly recalls.

Fast forward to present day, where Wright, 28, works as a marketing automation email strategist at Informa Engage, the company’s marketing services division.

Wright spoke with Folio: about his role, describing that he assists in-house marketers in various initiatives, provides high-level strategy and advice in executing complicated programs, and partners with third-party organizations to facilitate the formation and execution of sponsored multi-touch nurturing campaigns to generate high-quality leads.

Wright was first introduced to digital marketing at Constant Contact, his former place of employment, where he was “hooked” on the subject from the moment he started.

“Over the course of five years I learned a variety of skills from project management, to anything and everything relating to digital marketing,” says Wright. “It then became a matter of defining exactly where I wanted to be in the vast space of digital marketing, and marketing automation was the answer.”

In his current role, Wright notes that Informa Engage provides him with many wonderful opportunities for growth, complemented by an environment of talented people.

“There is a strong emphasis on education, and keeping up with the latest trends and best practices, but my manager encourages testing new concepts, and is always open to new ideas,” he says. “This makes my role diverse, and full of creativity.”

Though he is only 28, Wright has already achieved significant milestones in his career. Most recently, he worked closely with an Informa Engage client in the manufacturing space who was quite satisfied with the programs and results that the team delivered. As a result of the success of this business, the client continues to purchase additional programs with the company.

“I have had so many wonderful opportunities afforded to me in my career and I try to pay it forward to help others reach their goals,” Wright tells Folio:.

Wright’s work ethic and devotion have drawn praise from his co-workers, who describe him as a “go-to” person, natural leader, and someone who always exceeds expectations. Co-workers say that Wright has streamlined many processes and increased the efficiency of the team, eliminating manual work and saving time. Additionally, he created new email templates that are more engaging and allow for more flexibility when adapting to a customer’s needs. Wright was not asked to do these things, but rather saw an opportunity for improvement and acted upon it.

In developing his professional skills, he emphasizes that learning from mentors has been the most pivotal aspect of advancing his career.

“Since my mentors have had a significant impact on my life, I have made it a strong point to also act as a mentor to others that are trying to advance their careers,” he adds.

Moving forward into his already impressive career, Wright has a strong desire to further develop his skills in marketing automation, especially on a technical level.

“I believe it is very important for modern marketers to expand their technical knowledge to stay relevant with advancements in technology,” says Wright.

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