Social Web Tactics Partners With SharpSpring To Deliver Comprehensive Marketing Automation, CRM, E-mail Marketing, And Social Media Tools – Social Web Tactics – Barcode Brand Consulting

Social Web Tactics Partners With SharpSpring To Deliver Comprehensive Marketing Automation, CRM, E-mail Marketing, And Social Media Tools – Social Web Tactics

“We’re at the beginning of this Marketing Automation Revolution.” – Mautic
April 18, 2021
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April 26, 2021

Social Web Tactics Partners With SharpSpring To Deliver Comprehensive Marketing Automation, CRM, E-mail Marketing, And Social Media Tools – Social Web Tactics

Social Web Tactics is excited to announce that we have become a certified SharpSpring agency partner. With this partnership we now offer one of the most comprehensive marketing automation and CRM solutions in the industry, coupled with some of the best audience building, website optimization, and content marketing services available for businesses, government agencies, and organizations.

As a certified agency partners, Social Web Tactics can provide a robust marketing automation and CRM suite at a fraction of the cost of other marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot. Click here to learn about our SharpSpring Marketing Automation services.

“We are all very excited about what this partnership means for our customers,” said Social Web Tactics Founder, Michael Hackmer. “This allows us to help businesses of all sizes improve their inbound marketing, lead management, e-mail campaigns, social media activity and more, with a new, and powerful tool that they can afford.”

SharpSpring has been voted one of the best Marketing Automation and CRM solutions in the industry

SharpSpring, a global provider of cloud-based marketing technologies, has numerous benefits for businesses, government agencies, and organizations, including an open API, which allows for easier integration with third party platforms, and built-in integrations with Salesforce and other tools.

There also is the capability for behavior-based email campaigns, dynamic landing-pages and forms, a campaign tracker to monitor advertising and other activities, a blog builder, detailed analytics, and a customer relationship management system (CRM) that connects all your lead data together in one place.

Another powerful component is SharpSpring’s ability to track anonymous website visitors – people who have not completed a form, but are examining your website. SharpSpring’s VisitorID uses reverse IP lookup to identify the companies and people visiting your website, often providing details including email, phone number, and social media profiles.

“We see VisitorID as an important feature for many of our customers, especially since a majority of all website traffic for a company will be anonymous,” Hackmer said.

“While you would never send an anonymous visitor an email, you can see who they are, and what they are interested in. The system allows you to capture them as a lead and monitor their interests, so you can build more of what they are looking for. In fact, it presents a great opportunity to use either targeted advertising, send personalized correspondence through direct mail, or make outbound phone calls. It is a tool to help identify a large number of prospects you are missing, and create opportunities to convert them into customers.”

What Is Included In The Social Web Tactics Marketing Automation Service

The Social Web Tactics marketing automation service with SharpSpring is designed to bring an easy-to-use, and robust automation and CRM platform to businesses, organizations, and government agencies of all sizes and budgets.

For a detailed outline, please click here for information about our marketing automation services with SharpSpring.

In our conversations about marketing automation, we have learned that people are concerned about a few core things:

“Before we partnered with SharpSpring, our goal was to make sure that we could provide a solution to our customers that was as complete as other marketing automation platforms available in the marketplace, as well as being easy-to-use and manage,” said Hackmer. “We also wanted to make sure that once we partnered with a provider, we would be able to offer the highest-level of customer support to ensure our customers would be successful.”

After months of planning, Social Web Tactics is able to offer the following as part of its marketing automation service:

Call Us Today To Learn More About Marketing Automation

There is no doubt that when properly executed, marketing automation can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s marketing campaigns.

To learn more about marketing automation, and how Social Web Tactics can help, please contact us at:

Phone: +1-703-362-1586.

E-mail: [email protected]

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