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The 5 Best Marketing Automation Software!

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October 2, 2020
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The 5 Best Marketing Automation Software!

Marketing is indeed an essential part of numerous businesses nowadays that include tasks like sending e-mails to clients, running campaigns, indulge in social media marketing, and much more that are also the components of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Now, these tasks are almost repetitive every day so one needs to streamline workflow and find out the best possible outcomes. And marketing automation software plays an active role in this segment.

What Is An Ideal Marketing Automation Software?

Before you go through the list of marketing software, few essentials are to be kept in mind:

Let’s now begin with the best marketing automation software for the year and ease out the workload of all those who have been working hard for a productive result for name, fame, and revenues.

1. Sendinblue

A smart and creative marketing automation tool, Sendinblue, is quite engaging with its audience by sending a perfect message at the right time. It also takes care of marketing through email, SMS, and chats by adding a personalized touch to the customer’s attention so that he does not lose out in between.

Why Sendinblue?

Price: Free signup; Prices begin from $25/month.

2. Hubspot Marketing Automation

If you are into marketing of a small or medium sized business, Hubspot is powerful marketing software to attract, engage, and delight the customers for own initiatives. It has a mission to make the world more inbound while providing in-built tools for a landing page, social media, SEO, content management, etc.

Why Hubspot?

Price: Premium Version begins from $800/month

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3. Ontraport

Call it one of the best marketing automation software because of its extensive support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Services like email, SMS, content management, CRM, billing, online payments, etc. are quite handy with Ontraport. In fact, one can build their e-commerce page using Ontraport’s e-commerce capacity.

Why Ontraport?

Price: Free trial; Prices begin from $79/month.

This automation software has gained its prominence due to multiple solutions to the users including sales conversion rate, improved email open rate, easy email acquisition, optimizing as expenses, etc. Automation features like A/B testing, drip campaigns, ROI tracking, sales intelligence are available within Socital.

Why Socital?

Price: Available for free demo and trial; Prices begin from $149/month

Bring your platform right customers and engage in the journey of search marketing, landing pages, forms, social media, and behavior tracking. It will help you in identifying the best prospects and customers by triggering sales calls at the right time. Marketo also has a web-based email marketing platform to engage customers in a personalized manner.

Why Marketo?

Price: Available for free demo; Prices begin from $895/month.

Now that you have checked the list for best marketing automation tools and all the qualities that are required within them, you just need to read special features of each and select the right one.

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